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Where is the Protection?

Hey Everyone,
William has asked me to fill in for him on tomorrow's show, so I will do my best to fill his shoes. I am going to talk about an important issue affecting our nation. The Lack of protectionism.

When I speak of protectionism, I am not just talking about the economic issue of buying products made in the USA, even though we need to do more of that.

I mean the lack of protecting our border, the lack of protecting our liberties and the lack of protecting our manufacturing base in order to allow us to remain a self-sufficient nation.

The US taxpayer has bailed out General Motors and now GM is considering importing automobiles from China. Is this something you want your tax dollars spent on? Will you spend your hard earned dollars on Chinese made autos?

$77 million went to secure the border between Montana and Canada. A border crossing that averages two cars a day. However the crossing in Laredo, Texas receives no funding and they process 20,000 vehicles a day.

A private organization operates something called the NORPASS or North American Pass that is supposed to keep our trucks safe and make it easier for the truck drivers to be pre-screened and even bypass inspection points on the highway? They use transponders in the trucks. You will have to see it for yourself and I will talk more about it. But this system is ripe for abuse and I am sure it won't be long before the system is exploited by using low tech methods, as well as sophisticated methods.

Those of you opposed to these sorts of things are being looked at as potential terrorists because of your concerns. Let’s explore some of these issues on the show and talk about what we as Law abiding citizens can do to affect positive change for our nation.

Jim Palmer
ALIPAC Press Director

Tune in Sunday May 17, 2009 3-5pm EST / 12-2pm PST