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Update / Invite For Sunday 7/27: Fighting Illegal Immigration 101

Last Americans Standing,

Please join citizen activists and organization leaders from across America this Sunday July 27 on the Last Americans Standing Show. The show will broadcast 12-2pm Pacific and 3-5pm Eastern and will focus on what Americans are doing to fight back against illegal immigration, pass state and city laws, stop amnesty, promote border security, and reverse illegal immigration in America.

Our tactics and techniques are really taking hold across America and we need you to listen to ideas and recommendations from our movement's top leaders and activists. We are also interested in your questions and suggestions.

The topics of the mass murder of the Bologna family by an illegal alien MS-13 gang member in sanctuary city San Francisco will be discussed along with the high gas prices issue. The breaking story about a reversal in the decision to allow illegal aliens into college in NC will also be on the table along with a short follow-up on the Rush concert in Charlotte last weekend!

It is time for a two hour meeting of the minds! We hope you will bring your ideas to the table and listen in to gain ideas from others this Sunday! You can listen to the show live via and

Tune in! Turn On! And Take Your Country Back!