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Show Invite: Obama Vs. McCain: Which is worse? Your vote?

Both John McCain and Barack Obama hold views on the topic of illegal immigration that are rejected by over 80% of Americans, truth be known.

Both are very busy making promises and pandering to the pro illegal alien faction within the Hispanic vote which makes up less than 5% of the voters!

Do you know the truth behind their immigration stances? How did this happen? Are Obama and McCain's primary victories a sign of public support for amnesty? If they succeed in getting their immigration agendas through Congress, what will it mean for America's future? Which candidate is the worst for America? Which is the lesser of two great evils?

You decide!

Tune in and call in to learn more and cast your vote LIVE ON THE AIR this Sunday July 20!

You can join the debate and cast your vote during the LAST AMERICANS STANDING SHOW hosted by ALIPAC's President William Gheen.

The show airs each Sunday 3-5pm EST / 12-2pm Pacific and can be heard on stations in Tennessee and Indiana or live on the web via and

It's time to speak out America!