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ALIPAC To Launch New Weekly Radio Show on July 6

July 2, 2008

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Americans for Legal Immigration PAC's President, William Gheen, will host a new radio show called the Last Americans Standing Show, in cooperation with Republic Broadcast Netwwork, which launches on Sunday July 6 and will broadcast from 3-5pm EST / 12-2pm PST each week.

The two hour show will be broadcasted and podcasted on the web by Republic Broadcast Network (RBN), which is located at and on terrestrial stations WBCR 1470am Alcoa, TN and 93.3 FM in Valparaiso, IN for starters.

The new show will address the topics of illegal immigration, trade and the economy, campaigns and elections, and the health of the American political system. The discussions will be action oriented and tailored to American activists seeking reform and improvement on these issues.

"If you are one of the 81% of Americans who feel our nation is on the wrong path, then this show is for you," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "It's our hope that the Last Americans Standing Show will help us reach out to more Americans and help our existing activists to connect with others to share news, views, and ideas."

William Gheen's core message is that so many Americans feel the country is on the wrong path because "We The People of the United States" are no longer self governed, free, or secure.

"There can be no true change, reform, freedom, prosperity, or security for Americans, until American citizens are back in charge in Washington, DC," says William Gheen.

William Gheen has appeared on hundreds of talk radio shows as well as CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and CBS during the last year, to discuss immigration issues from the pro-enforcement perspective. ALIPAC has grown rapidly into one of the largest and most effective activists organizations in America fighting against illegal immigration. The group has over 25,000 supporters, with a website at which now receives over 5 million hits per month.

It is hoped that the Last Americans Standing Show will enjoy a rapidly growing audience as ALIPAC has and become influential on other talk show broadcasts, the American political landscape, the elections, and American citizen activism.

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