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October 11 Show: Twitter, Facebook, Hispanic Caucus, Tea Party Against AMNESTY!

Today at 3pm Eastern 12noon Pacific for two hour live show.

Tune in on the web via or

We will be discussing ALIPAC's top position and challenges in the social media of Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook. We will also be discussing the Hispanic Caucus's plans to launch AMNESTY legislation this coming week to turn millions of illegal aliens / illegal immigrants into voters!

We also have a special announcement about the fate of the show, the current fund raising drives, and a sneak peek for tomorrow's announcements of Tea Party Protests Against Amnesty and Illegal Immigration to be held across America on November 14, 2009!

Tune in today!

William Gheen

William Gheen Launches News and Opinion Website Called The Gheen Report


William Gheen Launches News and Opinion Website Called The Gheen Report

April 11, 2012

Contact: William Gheen via ALIPAC
(866) 703-0864

William Gheen, notorious illegal immigration fighter and President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, is launching a new website this week called "The Gheen Report" found on the web at

The new site will offer a daily collection of news articles, blogs, videos, opinion, and commentary about important issues such as politics, finance, race relations, mass media, illegal immigration, and everyone's favorite dictator, Barack Obama.

Patterned after the very famous and valued conservative website DrudgeReport, the Gheen Report will offer more news selections that represent the unique news picks that William Gheen encounters on a daily basis while managing numerous websites and information from across America.

"I read more news than 99% of Americans each day, and the Gheen Report website is my way of sharing things I find that others might be very interested in," said William Gheen. "It is my hope that will offer readers a one stop location where they can quickly catch up on what they need to know each day."

The site has been tested and released, and has been updated with 5 to 15 new posts per day. Many of the hot topics on the site deal with the Trayvon Martin case, under reported cases of black on white crimes, illegal immigration, Barack Obama's scandals, civil rights, privacy issues, domestic spying, government corruption, and much more.

William Gheen is requesting that others consider placing links on their websites into and to spread the word about the new site via social media and email recommendations.

Activists, organizations, and fellow news aficionados can also use the website to submit news, blogs, videos, and reports that they would like to see published on the Gheen Report.

"I hope to offer a new website that can quickly inform Americans about what is really going on in our country and offer a place where others can share important news they find on the web," said William Gheen.

William Gheen is a past campaign consultant and issue lobbyist who is known nationally for his role as President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. He appears often on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS, and is quoted in major publications across America, such as the New York and LA Times. William Gheen is considered one of the top sources for information and commentary about immigration issues in America.

For more information, or to see the latest news you need to know, please visit

9/20 Show: Trying to Make Sense of it All?

Last Americans Standing Show supporters!

Please tune in today. Sunday, September 20, 2009, for another live broadcast of the show.

Today's guest will be ALIPAC's Treasurer, Jane Patterson.

Jane and I are going to talk about 'trying to make sense of it all'.

These are troubling, challenging, frightful, perilous, and confusing times in America.

The deluge of information coming at us on the back channels is amazing.

Trying to make sense of it all can be a real challenge and that will be today's focus.

Are you able to process what is happening? Can you turn the information you are receiving into action? Where exactly does the American public stand right now on these major issues of the day? Who will win, the Americans or those that seek to enslave us? How could the North Carolina Community College Executive Board do what they did last week? What happened at the protest outside? What is the latest in the fight between President Obama and Congressman Joe Wilson? Why is revered trends analysis Gerald Celente saying the United States is entering a period of revolution? Why is Peter Schiff saying to stock up on wine, cigarettes, and precious metals? Is the 'RECOVERY' a lie?

There's no other radio show in America quite like our show folks!

So spread the word and tune in today 3-5pm Eastern / 12-2pm Pacific!

Listen live on the web via

Call in and be heard using -800-313-9443

William Gheen
Host, Last Americans Standing Show
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC

PS: Remember that if you miss a show, all show archives can be found at

9/13 Show: Wilson Vs. Obama Supporters, BELIEVE Vs. YOU LIE

Tune in and call in this Sunday September 13, 2009 for an exciting new episode of the Last Americans Standing Show!

This show will be a duel, a showdown, and battle royal between the remaining supporters of President Obama who BELIEVE he was telling the truth, when he claimed illegal immigrants would not be covered in his health care reform legislation and the supporters of Congressman Joe Wilson who told the President 'YOU LIE'!

Activists from each side are encouraged to get your best points and supporting evidence together and to call in during the two hour show.

The show will be from 12-2pm Pacific / 3-5pm Eastern this Sunday 9/13/09 and you can listen live on the web via or

The Call in number is 1-800-313-9443

The host of the show is William Gheen who serves as President of Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee or ALIPAC based at

ALIPAC has endorsed Congressman Joe Wilson's past campaigns for public office due to his strong stances against illegal immigration and against AMNESTY for illegal aliens.

ALIPAC has been quoted in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Congressional Quarterly, and many other publications this past week stating...

"President Obama lied. Joe Wilson told the truth when he said YOU LIE".

William Gheen and many ALIPAC supporters are ready to take on the Obama supporters who are defending the President's LIE to the Congress and nation.

Obama and Wilson supporters alike are invited to come and settle this conflict on the air in front of a live national audience this Sunday!

The challenge has been issued!

September 6, 2009: Dick Armey Leader of the 9/12 marches and Freedomworks for Amnesty?

Join us this Sunday to Discuss this video of Freedomworks director Dick Armey talking about illegal immigration. Please watch this video and call in to share your feelings. Since most 9/12ers and Tea Party supporters oppose Amnesty, how did a pro Amnesty Republican end up leading the movement?


Dick Armey of Freedomworks Wants Liberty for Illegal Aliens 'Bless Their Hearts'

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